Tuesday, April 22

Winter coming

It's been a long while since i last posted. My attention has been taken up elsewhere, with travel and making a little bit of money out of my other obsession.

Had i not run away to India in March, i would probably have another bike by now, as that wasn't a cheap trip by any standard. Still, it did put a few things into perspective bike wise.

There is little point in me getting a big bike at this stage, what with fuel prices sky rocketing. But the primary reason: I don't do anything with my bike other than commute from work to home. Considering i don't live very far away from work at the moment (10 - 15 mins each way), there isn't even the excuse of distance comfort i could give for needing a different bike.

I would gladly swap the GTR for a naked bike right around now though. Wrists are not happy. Why oh why did i not get a VTR/GT250. Oh right, the GTR is/was way too purdy to ignore.


Winter is suddenly approaching, from a hot summer. It was 6 degrees when i woke up yesterday, which was enough call to bust out my scarf (i really, really should front up to a bike shop and get myself a neck sock) and zip the winter lining back into the jacket.

It always feels funny on the first ride with winter gear in. I feel much like a stuffed toy trying to operate a tractor.

All through summer i've been working on controlled cornering when possible, lower when slower. All of a sudden i'm back to cornering more upright because my armpits are all puffy and i feel bigger than i actually am.

I'm sure it won't last any more than a couple of days, but for the moment i'm just going to feel like a dork.


Another thing about the morning dampness in winter. I've been down with the flu for the last week or so, accompanied by a bad cough.

Coughing in helmet means fogging up visor AND glasses. By god but that's annoying!

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