Sunday, January 20

And while i'm in the mood to post

... it's worth mentioning that 2 of my closest friends are going regional. One is moving to Yanchep (ok, not technically regional), and the other to Dunsborough. While i doubt that it's a permanent state of affairs, it certainly leads me to think that i could be doing a helluva lot more riding in the next couple of years.

Nothing much has changed with the riding side of things except that i'm a lot more relaxed on the road now, having been riding for a little more than a year. I do ride faster now than i used to, but mainly because i'm convinced my speedometer is clocking me higher than i'm actually doing. I now split regularly when traffic is stationary at the lights, which was a sudden decision at one point a couple of months ago, but i have a feeling i'll never split when vehicles are moving. Enough has/can happen when you're being good and following all the rules, and plenty has been said about what happens when you don't, especially when drivers around you are unaware of your presence, which again is too common. This bothers me, and more than it does most other bikers i'm guessing.

I want a new bike for all the reasons people don't stay on their 250 for long. Extra power, acceleration, a more effortless ride especially over distances, and in my case, a more comfortable riding position.

While the bike was in the workshop getting brake problems sorted, i was wandering around adjacent shops looking around while waiting. They had a couple of VFRs around, gleaming in the sun. It certainly is a beefy, great looking bike, but the sheer bulk of the thing still gets at me.

It would be nice to have a bigger, better-postured bike to ride long distances for. Something like a FZ6N would be nice...

...or a Street Triple.

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